Price List

NMISA Online Courses can be completed by the student either at home, or during quiet periods at work. However, to prevent unnecessary delays, NMISA has set time limits in which the courses are expected to be completed and examinations submitted. Extensions can be motivated, but generally it is advantageous to both student and employer to finish the work timeously. These time limits are very generous, and should not impose on the serious student.

Once enrolled, students have access to online material. The Courses consist of differing numbers of modules, and each module has its own presentation. Once the student is confident that he/she understands the material, the online examination can be attempted. Successful completion of the exam results in the issue of a certificate. Should the examination not be completed successfully, a second attempt may be made without extra costs, within three weeks of the first attempt. If the second attempt is unsuccessful, the student will need to reregister if he/she wishes to attempt the course and the examination again.

Free courses
Scientific Writing14---
Quality Management
Planning Appropriate PT in a Calibration Laboratory68R 1 500
Separation Science
Basic Gas Chromatography312R 2 800
Basic Mass Spectrometry28R 1 500
Quantitation using GC and GC-MS18R 1 500
Advanced Gas Chromatography412R 3 500
Advanced Mass Spectrometry212R 2 800
* The Allowed Duration is the maximum time allowed to complete the course

Registration and payment of our courses are handled through the NMISA online store. If a course is already available, a registration button is available below the course description.