Topic outline

  • Course objectives

    Scientists want people to read their work and to appreciate what they have done. To facilitate this their writing needs to be logical, easy to read and free of mistakes. Nobody has the perseverance to read confused, boring material filled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Referees don’t have time to waste on poorly written, error filled articles. If you want your work to be accepted, present it well.

    Course content

    The course consists of one short module. This course describes how with a little thought and discipline we can improve our ability to describe our scientific work, either in a report for our manager or in a publication for the scientific community.

    The course shows how to prepare a manuscript for an international journal, containing:

    • abstract,
    • introduction,
    • materials and methods,
    • results and discussion,
    • conclusions

    and how to choose an appropriate journal for publication.

  • Course Material

    Work through all material in this section